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[the feed starts with a slight clearing of his throat.]

To those who were-- worried --about me last week. Yukio replaced my stitches and I'm fine now.


there was a thanks here, but it got cut--]


[--off. or not.]

FILTERED TO EXORCISTS (ALMA, LAVI, KANDA, ALLEN, LENALEE, CROSS, AND.. THAT ONE TYKI.. and Link sure. prolly hackable but why would you want to, there's nothing to hear. )
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[he's never voluntarily tried to turn on the video function, so of course when his arms function properly he has to hit it. accidentally.

he's sitting on his bed, uniform hanging off one shoulder. the other one is mostly what's in view, and it's wrapped in bandages from shoulder all the way down to his elbow where it's half unraveled. they're tattered at the edges and littered with cuts, but other than that no blood to indicate an injury. what's visible of his arm doesn't show anything bandage-worthy, either.

off-screen, he notices the recording, curses, and jostles the PDA again to switch to voice.

well, shit. hrk.


Do we have any-- spare bandages?
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[the PDA clicks on to the sudden rushing sound of a clearly overflowing river. however, it's at an awkward angle, as though it wasn't meant to be turned on-- which it wasn't. Kanda just hit the button while digging the thing out of his pants pocket.

as the view shifts, there's the flooring of bridge (small puddles reflecting the sky and fog above), railing, and as the PDA descends, a glimpse of bare feet and a pair of boots and katana sitting neatly nearby.

just as it hits the ground, the feed clicks off and the roaring gurgle is silenced.]

((ooc: open to action, of course! replies will come in several hours when i wake up.))
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[there is a sudden flare of bright green light that nearly obscures everything else from view. as it is, there's still a faint outline of a figure as viewed from below, a woman perhaps? judging by that hair. but the body should be that of a man's.

after a few moments, the light fades (retreats, even, to the two areas that seem to be the figure's hands), and the outline bleeds darker to show a.. certainly a man, Japanese (though his black and red trimmed uniform is anything but that), rubbing his wrist as he looks around. his gaze falls on the PDA on the ground momentarily, frowning, but instead of picking it up, he nudges at it with his foot and knocks it aside. it flips a few times until it comes to a stop propped up against the wall of a building, now filming the man walking away.

the only sound is that of footsteps and the sword clanking at his side.

there's no sign of what could have that light.]

((ooc: for those who would take note, the sword just a standard Order issued katana, not Innocence.))


Jul. 13th, 2011 01:41 pm
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anon on, ip off, things will be screened. rock it.
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Jul. 18th, 2003 10:06 am
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UPDATED AS OF November 26, 2011

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Name: Yuu Kanda [?]
Age: 22 [?]
Birthday: June 6
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 138 lbs.
Hair: Dark bluish black
Eyes: Was dark blue, but lightened up over time.
Blood Type: AB [Healing]
Likes: Soba, tempura (pumpkin, green peppers, and lotus roots), gardening, cooking (and eating what he cooks).
Dislikes: too many
Nationality: Japanese Test-tube.
Residence: Asia Branch. It's still being used for various reasons. Helps Zhu with the cooking.


It's been a year and some months since he was brought back. The war has continued and he still fights, travelling with the company of a pair of Crows to keep an eye on him. He really doesn't like them.

In-depth background and other things here.

future info, ignore


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